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Hi everyone! Welcome to this little site of mine. This site aims to feature Al Gore and his environmental works. His works mainly consist of conserving the environment and bringing awareness to the public and his main focus is on global warming and climate change.

Former vice-president of the United States of America, Al Gore, was one of the few leaders of the United States to push for a greater focus on the issue of global warming in America. He felt the need for Americans to realize and be aware of the extent of the situation and make a conscious effort in helping to reduce carbon emissions. Once inaugurated as the 45th vice-president of the United States, Al Gore pushed for the implementation of carbon tax to modify incentives to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Other than being the vice-president, he has gone on to being an author, writing books about environmental conservation, being a subject in an Oscar-winning documentary, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and many other movements and achievements with regards to the issue of global warming. Today, he still holds many titles but spends most of his time as chairman to The Climate Project, a non-profit that focuses on the issue of climate change.

Here, we will look into greater detail about his past works and achievements with regards to his cause of global warming and his current and future projects on the issue of climate change.