About Me

DSC_0563My name is Germaine, proud owner of an African grey parrot, Tara. I brought her home from a bird farm in Mandai in August 2009 and she has been a part of our family ever since. I would not consider my ownership to be an impulse purchase.

TaraHowever, after learning in class about the repercussions of anthropomorphising animals, I find my actions highly questionable. Does my ownership encourage more breeding, which defies nature and denies these parrots the freedom of flight, binding them to the woes of captivity?

Acknowledging the Tragedy of the Commons, this blog objectifies to provide information to those considering ownership. It does not exert any pressure upon readers to go against owning an African Grey parrot, but rather, provides information for readers to know the subject better so as to decide for themselves if they are ready to be responsible grey owners.

The controversy of Tragedy of the Commons has demonstrated that it is impossible to forcefully coerce stakeholders into curbing their consumption, but to get them to buy-into and believe in the consequences of their decisions and actions.