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We start off as strangers, but we will end off as friends!

Hello and welcome!

I’m Serene Goh, a Year 3 Psychology student from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore who is really interested in knowing more about Asian Elephants!

Photo taken at the Singapore Zoo

Photo taken at the Singapore Zoo [Personal]

You might be wondering why not Sumatra tigers or any other animals but Asian elephants? Reason being, 2 years ago, I read about how elephants in Thailand were ill-treated so as that they could be obedient during elephant trekking. To be honest, I did not know that they were ill-treated to that extent! I was flabbergasted!!!

Recently, when I visited Krabi, I was searching on activities and I found out that they provided elephant trekking. Out of curiosity, I searched for various elephant trekking companies and found one that explained how they treated elephants fairly and how the money that tourists paid would go into supporting elephants’ welfare. Eventually, I chose that company and went elephant trekking in Krabi!

Elephant Trekking @ Krabi

Elephant Trekking @ Krabi [Personal]

It was indeed a moral dilemma… I wanted to enjoy the trek as much as possible since I already paid for it but part of me aches for the elephants and I actually felt bad sitting on them! Ever since then, I swear never to ride on elephants again!

I’m not sure about you, but these are just some of my thoughts and the rationale behind my blog! I do hope you gain some insights from this blog! 🙂

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