Welcome to my blog on religion and environmentalism, with a focus on Islam!

I’m sure we all know that lots of people depend on religion to give structure and meaning to their lives. Religions preach good and discourage evil, and shape our perspectives on the world. Sometimes, religion forces us to behave in ways which we wouldn’t normally do. And sometimes, religion opens our minds to ideas we could have never figured out on our own. No one can deny then, that religion is a reaaaallly powerful force. And when combined with environmentalism, religion can play a very important role in influencing the attitudes and values of their adherents to be either environmentally conscious or environmentally complacent, or anywhere in between.

This blog is my attempt to elucidate what I can about religions and what they say about the environment. I’ll be focusing on Islam and the progress the Islamic world has achieved in protecting the earth. Why Islam? Well, mainly because Islam is the religion I know best, although I will be touching on other religions and pro-environmental messages. (Yes of course, all religions have pro-environmental messages!) I’ll then try to explain, with some case studies, why values and attitudes, even those based on religion, don’t translate to behaviours and the factors involved in obstructing this transference.

I hope you enjoy reading and learn something from the blog!