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“More man have walked on the Moon than have dived to the deepest part of our Ocean. ” – Dr Cindy Lee Van Dover


Welcome to A New World ☺

The New World refers to our very own ocean. We know more about the surface of the moon than the deep sea which exist on our very own planet. Hence, to put emphasis on research and awareness for the deep sea is akin to discovering a whole new world underneath.

One person who put that emphasis is Claire Nouvian, whose work has travelled to 7 countries and received the attention from more than 2 million people.

This blog serves to introduce Claire Nouvian’s background, her work, and what she has done to make a change. We will focus on the 2 works that has impacted the most amount of people – The Deep exhibition, and the non-profit organisation she set up,  called BLOOM.

The first subcategory named “Pretour” regarding the exhibition will prepare you for a crash course on the different water zones, while the following subcategories will take you into a dive of the depths of the ocean. Most information and pictures were primarily referenced from The Deep exhibition itself, the book called “The Deep”, and other educational sources for a shorter introductory explanation.

The tabs under “BLOOM” will introduce Nouvian’s non-profit organisation along with its mission and field of action. Various actions taken to fulfill its mission will also be covered, along with videos of media coverage.

This blog will also follow Nouvian’s fundamental belief: That education is essential in order to peak interest and action thereafter. Hence, after knowing more about the deep sea, the blog will also touch on the various deep sea conservation issues Nouvian has raised and lastly, how psychology has helped Nouvian’s work to better educate the masses.

Hope this blog will keep you hooked!




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