Fun Fact #6

They have no teeth but have modified “beaks”. They do not have visible ears but have eardrums covered by skin. They have a good vision under water but not ashore. They have a good sense of smell.

Fun Fact #5

Sea turtles can live up to 50 years or more. Their lifespan is quite similar to humans, they take decades to mature.

Fun Fact #4

Largest of the sea turtles, the leatherback sea turtle can weigh up to a shocking 2000 pound.

Fun Fact #3

Unlike other turtles, their legs and head cannot retract back into their shells.

Fun Fact #2

There are a total of seven species and are mostly endangered.

Fun Fact #1

Did you know? Sea turtles once used to live with dinosaurs and they are one of the world’s oldest species.

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