There are mainly two types of pets: the domestic and exotic pets. Domestic pets are those that we commonly know, such as a dog, cat, horse etc. Exotic pets are usually those that are less common and may even be non-native to a region, such as the Indian star tortoise and sugar gliders.

Regardless of whether these animals have been domesticated into the common pet that we know today, or an exotic suitable to live in its original habitat, both types of animals have strong effects on humans and the environment. This is also what this blog is all about: the pet-human and pet-nature relationships of domestic and exotic pets. Of course, the impact on people and the environment by exotic pets and thus their relationship with each other can be substantially different, less simple and less clear-cut than that of the domesticated pets.

Enough said, I hope you will enjoy learning about Pets! They are truly fascinating creatures, which I am sure you will be able to see why through this educational and informational blog!