Animal Welfare: Organisations & Companies

Singapore is home to many animal welfare groups, organisations and companies, of which different agencies have different aims. Some may focus on the wellbeing of pets/animals in general, while others may choose to concentrate on a certain type of animal. Regardless of their mission or focus, their attention and effort expended on protecting the welfare of animals deserves an applause. The following list of organisations and companies are some examples of animal welfare groups in Singapore. Do take note that the list is not exhaustive (for more information, hyperlinks are provided for each organisation as listed).


Agency for Animal Welfare Ltd:
– Non-profit, volunteer-run
– Improve companion animals’ welfare 
– Offer community mediation/counselling for dog-related disputes
– Advocates for breeding dogs in dog mills (pending)

Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)
– Aims to create a caring and socially responsible society where animals are treated as sentient beings
– Helps foster respect and compassion for animals, improve the living conditions and welfare

of animals in captivity
– Educate people on lifestyle choices which are environmental friendly and do not involve animal abuse
– Findings from animal researches used to educate public on active community involvement

in the animal welfare

Cat Welfare Society
– Charity organisation, run almost entirely by volunteers
– Aims to promote a humane, responsible and informed society in Singapore, where cats are cared for responsibly as pets and treated with kindness as community cats
– Control community
 cats population: promoting sterilisation instead of destruction

Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)
– Non-profit organisation, founded by Jane Goodall. Established in Singapore in 2007 to continue Jane Goodall’s work in the local settings.
– Wildlife research, education and conservation
– Aims to educate and support Singaporeans in 3 main areas: human community, animal welfare, and natural environment

– Aims to help people to take on informed and compassionate action to improve the environment for all living things
Roots & Shoots program; Primate Research & Conservation program

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) 
– Offer a safe and secure home for animal to live out their lives happily and eventually, die
with dignity
– Animals allowed to run free on the grounds in settings that have been recreated to be as natural as possible

Pets Villa (by Animal Lovers League)
– Non-profit organisation
– Provide lodging and food to abandoned dogs and cats
– Animals are lodged at “open concept” homes designed to simulate their natural habitat

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
– Provides animal welfare services to the community: e.g 24-hour ambulance
– Provides public animal education
– Provides a clinic for basic treatment of stray animals
– Offers adoption of animals
– Animal shelter
– Supports for the quarantine of unwanted, abused and abandoned animals

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