Public Opinions: Exotics As Pets

When asked whether people are encouraged to keep exotic animals as a pets, different opinions surfaced:

N, female, 23No people shouldn’t keep exotic animals as pets because these animals are often forcefully taken out from its natural habitat. Once having outgrown its cute/novelty phase, owners abandon them because they cannot take care of them/meet the animals’ needs. And that’s cruel and sad for the animals.

T, male, 23: I think it is okay to keep exotic animals as pets, so long as they are not dangerous.

M, female, 26No. It’s hard to provide medical help to exotic pets, which then can be very inhumane to them… unless you are sure you can get medical help for them.

P, male, 18: No, because exotic pets require special attention and hence they can be difficult to look after.

B, female, 19I think it’s a matter of how well you can provide for your pet, keep it out of harm’s way and also preventing it from harming people, whether or not your pet does it as a reflex reaction to its unfamiliar surroundings. These kind of pets are usually not meant to be domesticated, so it’s not really humane to keep them out of their natural habitat just because you like it close to you. But by all means, if you want a polar bear and can afford to have a controlled temperature environment for it that does not infringe on its freedom (read: its spacious enough for it), go ahead and build that environment and LEGALLY order your bear.



Similarly on, the question ‘Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals?’ was asked, with 43% of the annoymous responders saying yes and 57% saying no.


Some excerpts – I say Yes!

Exotic animals can be just as good as dogs and cats if not better than them. Exotic animals need love too. Just because ignorance blinds you doesn’t mean that these animals don’t make great pets. ANYTHING WITH A MOUTH BITES.

I think that people should be allowed to keep exotic animals, as long as they are properly caged with no way of getting loose, and given the ample space and necessary food.

There are a number of exotic animals that can make interesting and educational pets. But safety should be a priority over entertainment, and so only those exotic animals that can easily be kept in a house without endangering other people should be allowed.

I have a bearded dragon and i provide him with everything he needs… and he is not a danger to anyone he is practically harmless. He does nothing but sit in his cage all day and bask on his rock or eat his crickets.

Just like dogs and cats, every type of animal can be tamed to a point. Every animal also has the risk of becoming mad and killing people, but we still keep them in the house. My sister was bitten in the neck by a dog, yet people still keep dogs.


Some excerpts – I say No!

Wild animals are called wild for a reason. Even if they have been born in captivity, they still possess wild instincts that take hundreds of years of domestication. They cant be tame all of a sudden.

When people have exotic animals they tend to hurt the animal because they don’t know how to take care of the poor thing. When people take an animal out of the habitat it messes with the entire food chain!

How would you like to be taken from your family and taken into a new environment surrounded by new, scary, and possibly abusive things.

Do you want to get attacked, bit, or get a disease?

If they are in endangered, maybe a reserve that duplicates their natural home could be an answer, but I don’t believe people should have them as pets.

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  1. People should be allowed to keep exotic animals they make great pets have you ever had a turtle, snake, any type of bird, or a farm animal those are exotic and did they hurt you or where they cool to you. Well my point is they are just like house pets like a dog or cat they can hurt you but you still keep them. JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE EXOTIC DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE A DANGEROUS!

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