The Author


Hi! My name is Pamela Goh, and I am a final year student in Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Psychology. I am currently studying the module Conservation Psychology. My decision to work on the topic of Pets for this blog comes from not only the interest for it, but also because I can personally relate to the elements of pets (yes I have a miniature schnauzer!).

I have always seen Whiskey as a dog (of course as a family member too) with my job mainly to love, take care of, feed and play with her. However, while looking after her physical and mental well-being, it has never once occur to me that at the same time, she also exert powerful effects not only on my very own physiological and psychological health but also the environment too. Working on and thus learning more about the pet-human and pet-nature relationships has allowed me to reflect on how I could be a better owner (such as acting in more efficient ways to reduce my pet’s ecological impact).

Other than being a dog-lover, I also really enjoy roller-blading at the East Coast Park at night, soaking in the serenity and beauty of the beach available only in the moonlight. An interesting element that comes with blading at night is the exposure to many different kinds and sizes of nocturnal forest insects that one would not expect to see in the urban regions. They may look intimidating and scary to approach, but I am sure they are more afraid of us than we are afraid of them!

Nature is a beautiful thing. Thankfully for Conservation Psychology, I will not look at nature the same way again.