Trip to Singapore Zoo – AY 2019/20 SEM 1

On October 17th, 2019, the class had a second field trip at Singapore Zoo, which is located near Upper Seletar Reservoir. The trip was organized in a way to guide the students to observe the zoo exhibits from a psychologist’s perspective. While the students could explore the zoo at their own pace, they were tasked to complete a list of activities during the visit. Taking on the role of zoo psychologists, students needed to observe the behavior of regular zoo visitors and the design of various zoo exhibits in engaging the zoo visitors. The students also attended a one-hour lecture by Mr. Haniman Boniran from Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Education Program. During the lecture, the students learned about the conservation effort done by Wildlife Reserve Singapore, an organization that manages Singapore Zoo and other wildlife parks in Singapore. Through these various activities, students learned that the role of wildlife parks such as Singapore Zoo in educating the public about conserving nature and wildlife.

A group photo taken at the entrance of Singapore Zoo.

Students were encouraged to pay attention to signs around the zoo about conservation messages, such as the one in the photo.

While admiring the white rhinoceros, visitors can learn about how to conserve the species through information boards displayed around the exhibits.

Students learned not just about the wildlife, but also on how they could play a part in conserving wildlife.