A. General Singapore Food Resources

this is a selective listing of local food. For personal blogs and reviews, you can read these external sites –

1 )
This website “seeks to reveal and share with visitors and locals alike the great colour and taste of our food culture that exist organically on our island.”

2 )
Contains a list of recommended food list and food stalls, including information about opening days and hours; address etc

3 )
According to FoodieFC, he “hopes to share his food journey, be it good or bad food. FoodieFC tend to be a fussy eater and hope to discover more hidden gems.”

4 ) was started in 1 Aug 2006 as part of a desire to see a website which lists Singapore’s best hawker food with beautiful photos and a frank review.

5 )
This website “is a Singapore Food blog with restaurant and hawker reviews on the best Singapore food.”

6 )
A guide to both local international cuisine found in Singapore. Food are also categorised by the places where they can be found in Singapore

7 )
Written by an amateur Singapore food blogger who wishes to share with readers food experience they can find near MRT stations. A good food resource if you wish to get good food without the hassle of travelling too .

8 )
This blogger aims to “discover Singapore’s Best Food” using words and photography.

B. Vegetarian Food Blogs

The following contains personal blogs and reviews about vegetarian food in Singapore

1 )
Luke, a Caucasian (born and raised in Manchester, England) living now in Singapore reviews vegetarian restaurants and food stalls in Singapore.

2 )

3 )

4 )

5 )

(Food) Roti Prata

Made from flour, this popular Indian dish in Singapore is made by cooking the dough on a hot plate. Usually comes with curry sauce. Image source:  VirtualErn (Flickr)

(Food) Roti John

This is a sandwich stuffed with meat and omelettes, topped with sauces like tomato sauce, cheese and mayonnaise. Image source: inju (Flickr)

(Food) Satay

Marinated meat (chicken, mutton or beef) are stringed together in sticks and grilled over fire. Comes with ketupat (rice dumpling) and spicy peanut dip. Image source: necopunch...

(Food) Rojak

This is a salad with sweet peanut sauce. It contains ingredients like slicked youtiao (fried dough fritters), bean sprouts, bean curds, sliced pineapple and cucumbers. Image source: avlxyz...

(Food) Nasi Lemak

Rice cooked in coconut milk with side dishes like eggs, chicken, ikan bilis (fried anchovies), peanuts and sambal chilli. Image source: su-lin (Flickr)

(Food) Mee Goreng

“Literally "fried noodle". Fried with chilli topped with tomato sauce.” (Extracted from xcode - Flickr) Image source: xcode...

(Food) Laksa

This is the famous curry coconut noodles/ rice vermicelli in Singapore. Image source: ImipolexG (Flickr)

(Food) Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee (福建面 – fu jian mian) is a stir fried noodle dish cooked in Hokkien style.  Comes with prawns, one or two pieces of lime and belachan chilli. Image source: deeheidz...

(Food) Chilli Crab

A very popular seafood dish in Singapore, the crabs are stir fried with a combination of chilli sauces, tomato sauces and beaten eggs. Good to wash down with a glass of chilled beer. More information @ Wikipedia Image source: chooyutshing...

(Food) Hainanese Chicken Rice

The chicken is boiled in a combination of chicken and pork stock. The rice is aromatic as it is cooked with chicken stock. Comes with sauce dips – chilli sauce with ginger or sweet soya sauce. More information @ Wikipedia Image source: avlxyz...

(Food) Char Kway Teow

“Flat rice noodles (kway teow) and thick wheat noodles are fried with dark soya sauce, fishcake, egg, chinese sausages and bean sprouts. Prawns may be (added).” More information @ Wikipedia Image source: cactusatwatercooler...

(Food) Bak Chor Mee

This is the dry version. You've got your noodles, minced pork, mushrooms, some vinegar and soy, some wantons, maybe a piece or two of crispy pork fat, and a bowl of broth. Image source: imipolexg...

(Food) Bak Kuh Teh

Literally translated as “meat bone tea” (pork ribs soup), this dish consists of pork ribs simmered for hours with a combination of herbs and spices. Also known also as 肉骨茶 (ruo gu cha) in Chinese. Usually eaten with rice too. More information @...

(Food) Chai Tow Kway

Also known as fried carrot cake, this dish consists of radish cakes stir fried with sweet soya sauce and eggs. More information @ Wikipedia Image Source: Chai Tow Kway by iwillnotsuccumb...

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