Lecture at the AMLAP 2017 conference in Lancaster, UK

This year, our LEAP lab director Luca Onnis gave a lecture talk at AMLAP in Lancaster, UK! This conference was dedicated to the psychological aspects of language learning and processing.

Here’s the list of research studies we talked about:

  • Luca Onnis and Win Chun- Bilingualism is associated with better statistical learning.
  • Matthew Lou-Magnuson and Luca Onnis-Social network limits language complexity.
  • Luca Onnis, Stefan Frank, Hongoak Yun and Matthew Lou-Magnuson- Second-language reading patterns are associated with a statistical learning bias
  • Luca Onnis, Anna Truzzi, Paola Venuti, Arianna Bentenuto, Gianluca Esposito and Shimon Edelman- Statistical properties of speech directed to typically and non-typically developing toddlers
  • Luca Onnis and Shimon Edelman- Learning Language with structure variation

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