Be a Baby Scientist

Could this be your baby’s first step into science?

It could very well be!

At LEAP, we are keen on the mysteries behind language acquisition, and your baby’s participation in our studies can help us tremendously in unravelling them, all before even entering school!

Current Study: Language Learning in the First Years of Life

We are looking for little participants aged 12-18 months to help us understand better how babies learn language. Depending on the eligibility, your child could participate in these activities:

  1. Telling a story to your child (10 minutes) – You will be asked to read aloud to your child from a picture book. This session can be done at our lab in NTU.
  2. Language learning task (10 minutes) – Your child will be seated comfortably on your lap and presented with audio visual material. We will be monitoring whether your child looks at the images or is temporarily disinterested, so that we can infer what types of sound sequences are associated with the images they prefer. Furthermore, we will observe you and your child’s heart rate with our ECG equipment. Rest assured that your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties and your data will be kept confidential according to the guidelines set by the NTU Institutional Review Board.


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