Citizen LEAP

Play a language game with us!

LEAP lab is currently looking for adult participants to play a language game with us and answer a language questionnaire. The study will take only 20 minutes and there is a participant reward of $10.
The participants we are looking for are aged between 18-35 years old and are a monolingual English speaker from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.
 To express your interest, please fill in this form:
The game will be played at LEAP Lab (Innovation Centre Blk 1, #101b, NTU). We are right across the Hive.

Be a Citizen Scientist…

…and participate in our studies!

Public participation in scientific research is a recent emerging global movement. Citizens actively contribute to science either with their intellectual effort or surrounding knowledge.

By participating in this study you help solve long-standing questions, raise new questions and co-create a new scientific culture, in which science-society-policy interactions are improved leading to a more democratic research. The findings from our studies also help us propose better educational practices to educators and policy-makers.

We invite you to join us and donate a fleeting lapse of your life on Earth for science. The average human life lasts 35,215,200 minutes. Most of our studies last less than 30 minutes. As compensation for your time and effort we offer one of two options. You can either receive a monetary gift or participate in a lucky draw and win big.

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