Job Opening Oct17-01

Postdoctoral Research Fellows (EEG Specialist):

Job description

    The successful applicant will collaborate with the Asst Prof Suzy Styles and Prof Luca Onnis on the design and implementation of EEG and eyetracking studies to investigate the nature of multi-lingual language mixes in Singapore, and their relationship to the development of infant sensory systems during the early stages of language acquisition in Singapore, and to assist in research activities and the day-to-day management of the BLIP lab and LEAP Lab, including…

  • Design of EEG studies including BAEP, MMN, and N400 methods
  • Programming of experimental stimuli and tasks
  • Maintenance/Purchase of lab equipment
  • Scheduling and running experiments with volunteer research participants
  • Data analysis and preparation of manuscripts and presentations
  • Administrative tasks

  • The position is ideal for a postdoctoral researcher with experience in EEG and an active interest in multilingual language development.

    Job requirements

    1. PhD in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, or equivalent work experience
    2. Experience with EEG, preferably with difficult populations (e.g., children, adults with disabilities). Other neuroimaging methods (e.g., NIRS, MEG) may also be considered, depending on the paradigm.
    3. Experience programming experiments using Eprime, Presentation, Matlab or equivalent
    4. A friendly manner, excellent communication (verbal & written English) and interpersonal skills
    5. Ability to work with young children and families
    6. High degree of responsibility and maturity
    7. Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
    8. Flexibility in responding to fluid situations.
    9. Active interest in bilingualism and language acquisition.
    10. Competence in Windows, Mac OS; standard office software.
    11. Experience in statistical analysis of complex data sets
    12. Task-orientation, excellent organisational skills, attention to details and accuracy.

    Desirable characteristics

    1. Experience with eyetracking/pupilometry
    2. Experience using Photoshop/Illustrator would be an advantage
    3. Audio recording/editing experience
    4. Acoustic phonetics training, and familiarity with PRAAT
    5. Web design/game design/app design
    6. Working with infants/young children/families in the community

    Candidates should highlight relevant previous experiences in a cover-letter, where they are encouraged to note their area of expertise (e.g., doctoral dissertation, relevant post doctoral research) and experience in any of the following domains:

    1. Working with infants/young children/families in the community.
    2. Experience of Bi-/Multi-lingualism, or research in this area
    3. Community of outreach activities
    4. Commitment to Open Science practices
    5. Web design/game design/app design
    6. Translation/transcription/language teaching/linguistics

    Singaporeans/PRs from minority groups and unconventional backgrounds (e.g., first in family to University) are encouraged to apply

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