Open positions

The LEAP Lab and BLIP lab at NTU are hiring! Each of the roles has a different specialization, so join us while we grow our team!

LEAP lab and BLIP lab are launching an ambitious 5 year-long research programme: How language mixes contribute to effective bilingualism and biliteracy in Singapore.

The official job announcements will go live shortly, but please send questions or early bird expressions of interest jointly to Click each link for more info.

PhD Studentships (suitable for applicants with a BA/BSc/MA/MSc degree):

Postdoctoral Research Fellows (suitable for applicants with a PhD degree):

Research associates (suitable for applicants with MA):

  • BLIP Lab Singapore Language Expert (Development focus)
  • LEAP Lab Computational and Programming (IT focus)

Project officers/Research Assistants (suitable for applicants with a BA, BSc):

  • 2 x Family Recruitment & Schedule Co-ordinators
  • 1 x Corpus manager
  • 1 x Project manager

Student Research Assistants (suitable for NTU undergrad or grad students)

  • LEAP Lab Research Assistant
  • Handling of web scraping of online social media websites.
  • Research Assistants-Project: Mother Tongue in Social Networks
  • LEAP Lab RA (Psycholinguistics, Tamil speaker required.)
  • LEAP Lab RA (Psycholinguistics, knowledgeable with Japanese required.)
  • We look forward to hearing from you!