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Team-based and/or Flipped Classroom Scaffolding Support System

Created with ‘doKumaran’ Tool real-time learning interventions


The activity support system enables coordinating learning activities, systematically organising student responses and scaffolding more effective class discussions.


To increase student engagement, collaboration and critical thinking.


Greater opportunities for engaging students in a flipped and/or team-based learning model come with risks for instructors:

  • Inadequately monitoring the learning activities
  • Unintentionally marginalizing students
  • Increasing confusion

Value Proposition of dKT – ‘doKumaran Tool’

‘doKumaran’ Tool

The “doKumaran” tool is an integration tool within the LAMS system that allows teachers to create powerful and collaborative learning designs leveraging on “real-time” document collaboration among students.

  • The “doKumaran” tool allows students to collaborate on single or multiple documents in real time attaining a learning outcome while influencing each others thoughts.
  • Activity sequences created using “doKumaran” tool.

‘doKumaran’ Tool

Instructor Centred

Instructor Group Centred Activity Sequence


Collaboration Activity Sequence

Peer Review

Peer Review Activity Sequence


Jig Saw Activity Sequence


Unstructured Activity Sequence

Feedback from Students


“Learn from other students, look at problems from different perspectives”

“Everybody is able to contribute equally to the discussion since we are free to type down our thoughts”

“Allows everyone to pen down their inputs simultaneously”

“I like that the online collaboration is real-time. It is fun and productive”


“Encourage more participation and effective discussion”

“Able to view the contributions real time and add on/provide inputs”

“Through the lams peer review system, we are actively encouraged to contribute”

“It gives us a platform to voice our views without speaking, for those feeling uncomfortable to speak up”


“As classmates will review the work, it encourages me to think more critically”

“Critic of others work forces us to consider other addons and perspectives”

“Team members can challenge one another immediately on the online platform, allowing one another to think through their points more critically”

“Feedback comes immediately which makes us think and come up with better and more competitive answer”

Value-proposition of the scaffolding support system

  • Enables “real-time” collaboration and provides more opportunities to participate with peers and instructors
  • Focuses on the process of learning
  • Ability to archive student discussions and reflections
  • Increases level of engagement by minimizing disruptions between learning activities
  • Serves as a platform to scaffold and facilitate critical thinking

Value Proposition Scaffolding Support System