Join Professor Michael Tan in this reading group, discussing Creative practices, Place and Health.

Session 2 of the Art and Design for Health (AD4H) Reading Group will be taking place on

18 September 2017, Monday
12.30 – 1.30pm
ADM Library Screening Room

The group will read and discuss these articles:

  1. Culture/ Place/ Health, WM Gesler and Robin Kearn (Read Introduction Chapter p.1- 10)
  2. A Place for Art in Prison: Art as A Tool for Rehabilitation and Management, Lee Michael Johnson
  3. Museums and art galleries as partners for public health, Paul Camic and Helen Chatterjee

Some questions that the session will be exploring include:

  • How might place constraint or promote health and wellbeing?
  • What places have art and design practices ventured to support health and wellbeing? Find examples and share.
  • What kind of places have been excluded and might be of interest to you?

All are welcome. Save the Date!

About the Art and Design for Health (AD4H) Reading Group

The AD4H Reading Group welcomes students and staff interested or curious about practices and research occurring at the intersection of art/ design and health.

Its aims to provide an informal and friendly environment for students and staff working to facilitate sharing of ideas, discuss issues, and explore possibilities in this interdisciplinary area through reading, presentation and talk. Some of the topics considered include:

  1. Contextualising the field
  2. Practice Showcase and Discussion
  3. Contemporary Issues on practice and research in art and Design for health (e.g. Methodologies, ethics, theoretical frameworks)

Catch Up With The Group

In case you missed them at the inaugural session on 23 Aug but are interested to catch up, the highlights of discussion is available at this link. Alternatively, you can listen to the session’s podcast here.

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