We are upgrading Lee Wee Nam Library again this December 2009 – January 2010 vacation. This time, we are reconfiguring part of Level 2 to become an extension of the existing learning commons. In this new learning commons, there would be a mixture of different types of learning spaces including:

  • LCD monitor equipped small group discussion pods
  • Smartboard equipped small group discussion pods
  • Presentation rehearsal cum recording room
  • Open discussion spaces with interactive touch screens
  • Open discussion spaces with dual monitors
  • Open discussion spaces with triple monitors
  • Video wall
  • Digital newspapers and new media stands

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In addition, we are also redesigning Level 3 near the entrance for a new Mr Lee Wee Nam commemorative corner. We hope to raise greater awareness about Mr Lee Wee Nam by displaying some of his memorabilia as well as some information about his entrepreneurial spirit.

Artist’s impression of the new Mr Lee Wee Nam commemorative corner: