Chinese Library is currently undergoing renovation, which has started at the office area in November 2011 and would also be in the user spaces in December 2011. The renovation is estimated to end in January 2012.

Service Desk Backdrop
A backdrop would be installed behind the Service Desk. Its new design would allow the staff in the office area to have a greater visibility to the Service Desk. In addition, the capacity of the drawer incorporated with the backdrop would be expanded for a growing accompanying material collection.

New Arrivals, Book Drop Enclosure & Reserves
The shelves at Reserves would be reconfigured and increased in capacity by 25% to address the need of growing collection. Also, the existing book drop box would be replaced by a full-height glass enclosure for a more integrated and seamless look. Besides, the New Arrivals shelves would be redesigned to allow the staff at the Service Desk to have a greater unobstructed visibility to the entrance.

Common PC Area
The existing common PC area will be remodelled to accommodate for more users. The seating capacity would be optimised from the current 16 seats to 30 seats.

Student Assistant Workbench and Staff Pantry
With completion of the dry pantry in the staff office, there is now more storage place for the staff. Also, the new Student Assistant (SA) workbench would provide more working space for the SAs.

Oversized-book Shelves
To make collection browsing more comfortable, the existing double-sided shelves would be replaced by single-sided custom shelves with full-length rows.

The artist’s impression of the new Chinese Library is as follows:

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