September 2012 – New Features Introduced in Business Library

An all-new iPad area has been added next to the area where Current Periodicals can be found. With these new iPads, students are able to access numerous business-related and financial-related magazines and newspapers with ease.

Caricatures of management gurus are now pasted on glass panels of shelves, walls in PC area and walls between discussion pods. Students who are interested to know more about these management gurus will be able to do so simply by scanning the QR codes pasted along these caricatures with their smartphones. These QR codes will provide the gurus’ background and bibliography.

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August 2011 – Completion of the Business Library new Learning Commons

The Business Library new Learning Commons is now completed and available for use. To use the facilities, users can access the NTU Library Facilities Booking System to make reservation. Below are some pictures:

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January to March 2011 – Renovation of Database Room

The existing Database Room is currently undergoing renovation. It would be transformed into a relaxing business lounge with new easy seating and an exciting refreshment corner.

During this renovation, the Library will continue to provide Bloomberg, Datastream and standalone PCs. These terminals will temporarily be relocated to the Media Viewing Area. The estimated completion date of the renovation is March 2011.

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December 2010 to March 2011 – Creating a brand new Learning Commons

Building on the Library’s successful implementation of the high-technology Learning Commons in Lee Wee Nam Library and its high usage amongst students in 2010, the Library decided to embark on another high-technology learning commons project in the Business Library in December 2010 with the help of Cool Campus budget. This time, we hope to create a variety of new learning spaces. They include:

Discussion Pods
7 discussion pods would be created to cater to students a conducive environment to carry out group discussions. The discussion pods would come with movable tables and chairs, an interactive white board, a connected PC, a short-throw projector, a magnetic whiteboard and glass writing surface to facilitate group discussions and presentations.

Common PCs
Common PC benches have been designed to cater for table-top power points so as to make provision for current as well as increasing laptop usage in future.

Cinema Room
A mini cinema, based on adaptation of the one at ADM Library, would be built in the new learning commons for students to watch video-recordings in groups.

Career Research
Students can conduct research on employment markets, career and internship opportunities using a variety of authoritative online resources.

Language Learning
One of our highlights is the brand new acoustic rooms specially designed to cater for students’ language learning needs. Specialized equipment, software and a unique collection of English language learning related print books and AV materials would be provided.

Main Entrance
The main entrance would be re-designed to give it a refreshing profile.

Business Lounge
The Database Room would be given a makeover, transforming the room from a computer lab lookalike into a relaxing lounge-like place for users of the standalone business databases.

The existing meeting room at level B1 would be reconfigured into both a meeting room and a boardroom. The purpose of the boardroom is to allow students to simulate a boardroom meeting which is similar to the corporate environment.

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December 2008 to January 2009 – RFID Book Drop

Previously BUSL did not have an attached 24-hour book drop. During the Dec 2008 – Jan 2009 renovation, we made use of the opportunity to create one at the side of the Library that is facing N1. It is a 3M RFID 24-hour book drop system.

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January 2009 – Business Library Begins Operation

With most of the renovation works completed, Library 2 began its operation as Business Library on 5 January 09. Major renovation was done at level B2 which includes the following:

• New service counter
• Reserves and database area
• New AV collection area
• New carpets

New shelves were also installed for AV and current periodical collections.

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December to January 2009 – Relocation of Business Library Staff Office

As Library 2 is being reconfigured into Business Library (together with the relocation of AV collection from MRL), Business subject librarians and their support staff are being relocated from various offices to a common new staff office at level B2.

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December 2008 – Relocation of AV collections and Business Standalone Databases

With the suspension of the Media Resource Library, the AV collections, together with the viewing stations, were relocated to Business Library. Also, with the reconfiguration of Library 2 into Business Library, all standalone databases, including Bloomberg and Datastream, were relocated from LWN Library to Business Library.

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December 2008 – New shelves for AV and Current Periodicals

New shelves are being installed at Level B2 for the AV collections (relocated from Media Resource Library) and current periodicals. These new shelves will facilitate the users in browsing the current periodicals and later, the AV collection.

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December 2008 – Renovation in BUSL

After the relocation of Engineering collections to LWN Library is completed, renovation works began in Business Library. Majority of the renovation work would be carried out at Level B2, with some minor works at Levels B1 and B3. These works include installing a new service counter, new reserves collection room, AV collection area, new staff office for Business Library staff, new meeting room in Level B1 and relocation of the copy room in Level B3. All renovation works are expected to complete by Feb 2009.

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December 2008 – Reorganization of Business Collections

The Business collections in Business Library were reorganized after the relocation of Engineering collections to LWN Library. The new locations of the collections in Business Library are as followed:

Level B1
• General Collection (A-HC)
• Management (HD)

Level B2
• AV Collection (from MRL)
• Current Periodical (from Feb 2009)
• Reserves

Level B3
• Accounting, Banking & Finance (HF-HJ)
• Law (HM-K)

Level B4
• Bound periodical
• Communication (L-Z)

24 November 2008 – Relocation of Library 2 Staff

As part of Library’s plan to re-configure Library 2 into Business Library, part of the staff at Library 2 would be relocated to LWN Library level 3 in November 2008. After the relocation, the existing Circulation Services Division office would be demolished to make space for Business Library services and collections.

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August 2008 – Design Brief for Re-configuration of Library 2 into Business Library

Library submitted a design brief for the re-configuration of Library 2 into Business Library to the Office of Facilities and Planning Management. In the design brief, the Library has detailed the key zones for the 4 different floors in Library 2. For example, the new RBR area would be located near the entrance for users’ convenience.

The Bloomberg terminals and other standalone PCs such as those providing Datastream would also be relocated from LWN Library to the new Business Library entrance level. This is in line with Library’s efforts to consolidate Library’s business related resources and services in one location so as to provide users with greater convenience. For the same reasons, existing engineering collection in Library 2 would be relocated to LWN Library so as to consolidate all engineering and science resources and services over there.

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February 2008 – New Reading Corner

A new reading corner was created outside the photocopy room at Basement 3 to cater for greater variety in reading spaces in Library 2. This new space is equiped with high back rest cushion seatings and tables that are designed for open group discussion purposes.

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January 2008 – New Library Main Signage

A new signage “Library 2 – Business & Engineering Collections” was erected at the entrance of Library 2. Previously there was no signage to indicate the nature of the collections. We plan to move the Engineering collection to Lee Wee Nam Library in early 2009 and Library 2 will be dedicated as the interim Business Library.

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August 2007 – New Study Bench

A reading bench was added next to the windows at level B3 to cater to users who might need to use their laptops in the Library. It has altogether 6 seats and each seat is provided with a power point as well as a network point.

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January 2007 – Installation of Acrylic Boards to Staircase

New acrylic boards were added to the metal railing of the main staircase in the Library. The boards were added for modesty reasons as the metal railing was quite bare.

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Floor Area: 2,735 sqm No. of PCs: 126  
No. of seats: 422