Expansions & Relocations, More Books for YOU!

The Humanities & Social Sciences Library has expanded in its shelving capacity! The shelving capacity has grown from 33,030 to 82,320, a whopping 149% increase! For those who love browsing books, time to rejoice!

At the same time, the Current Periodicals Collection was shifted to a more visible space right outside the common PCs room. The area previously occupied by Current Periodicals Collection is now the Reserves Collection. This is to facilitate the conversion of the previous Reserves Collection area into a Singapore Collection Room.

With these exciting updates, we hope to see you in the HSS Library more often!

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July 2012 – Completion of Rearrangement and Addition of Shelves

The rearrangement and addition of shelves in HSS Library have been completed. The shelves have been rearranged to allow further addition of bookshelves. The additional shelves have increased the shelving capacity of the library.

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January 2011– Rearrangement and Addition of Shelves

Shelves in HSS Library are currently being rearranged and new shelves will be added to increase the shelving capacity in HSS library. Books in the shelves that are being affected during this period are being packed into boxes until the installation of the new shelves is completed. This whole process will be done by the end of January 2011.

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August 2009 – RFID Book Drop

A new 3M RFID 24-hour book drop has been added to facilitate users to return books when library is closed. It is located at the left of the library entrance.

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March 2008 – Library Begins Operations

Renovation work at the new interim HSS Library was completed and the Library begun operations on 24 March 08. We are grateful to Associate Professor Kwok Kian Woon for lending his personal collection of artworks for display in various parts of the Library.

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February 2008 – Installation of New Library Shelves

The Library is in the process of installing new shelves in HSS Library and soon the new graphic end panels (one of the highlights of HSS Library) and call no. signages would also be installed.

The graphic end panels feature 12 famous HSS related personalities such as Milton Fredman, Margaret Mead and Gao Xingjian.

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December 2007 – Start of Renovation

The renovation tender has been awarded. The renovation of the new HSS Interim Library at S4-B3c has begun.

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March 2007 – Design Brief

The Library is writing the design brief for the new interim HSS Library. The purpose of the design brief is to provide a broad concept plan and guide for the architect and interior designer. The concept plan describes the main zones in the HSS Library and specifies the activities, equipment and furniture within each zone.



January 2007 – Planning of new interim HSS Library

Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese and English language humanities and social sciences collections in the existing HSS Library at S3.2-B5, shelving space has reached its maximum capacity. Thus, the Library is working closely with the Office of Facilities Planning and Management on the setting up of additional Library space.

The plan is for the Chinese collection to remain at the current location at S3.2-B5 while the English, humanities and social sciences collections moves to a new proposed location at Exam Hall C, S4-B3c.




Floor Area: 953 sqm Architect: LOOK Architects
No. of seats: 100 No. of PCs: 20