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Resource Updates

Introducing New Passport Economies and Passport Consumers – Euromonitor International has expanded our Passport market research database with two new sections: Passport Economies and Passport Consumers.  Our Library subscription covers all sections except ‘Industrial’ (as it is covered in many other business databases such as BMI Research, EMIS, MarketLine Advantage, etc.).  [Access Passport]

 NTU Insider Articles

This research is only available to NTU students and staff.

Private Companies at the Top of Men’s Fashion PrivCo took a look at some of the most respected privately-held European suit companies hailing from each geographic center. PrivCo analyzed their sales growth, gross margins, and business potential going forward. Furthermore, they compared these companies with their Public counterparts, blending in a mix of Italian and English companies to get a better sense of what these private companies could eventually grow into if they were to enter the public markets.  [Learn how to make meaningful comparisons among private companies in a similar industry]

Which Country Takes the Most Showers?

This survey by market research provider, Euromonitor, polled around 6,600 consumers from around the world, asking if they shower, bathe, or sponge-bathe.  The report shows that Americans take more showers than people in China, Britain, and Japan, but not as many as those in Brazil and Columbia.  [Search for ‘Personal Appearances: Global Consumer Survey Results on Apparel, Beauty and Grooming’ on Passport]

Singapore case study: Built from scratch – Singapore has transformed itself from an agrarian society to an innovative,world-leader in high tech sectors like electronics and life sciences. High quality education, public investment and sweeping business climate reforms have been vital. But is the city state now getting too crowded?[via EIU Perspectives]


Disrupting Banks: Digital Partnerships in the Financial Services Industry – 50% of executives say that their partnerships have proven their value ‘beyond doubt’. How is the financial industry getting ready for the next stage of digital disruption?   [via EIU Perspectives]  [Download Industry Briefing PDF]

Marketers Must be Authentic to Reach Niche Audiences – This event report gives insight into how marketers can better target niche audiences rather than lumping them all together.  [via Warc]

How To Be A Technology Power Brand of the Future – At Gfk’s Singapore-based event in June 2015, they addressed several questions: (a) What is the impact of key changes in developing APAC markets on tech brands? (b) How is the brand value perception of consumers shifting in this environment? (c) What are successful cases of tech power brands and what are their growth drivers? (d) What are further opportunities for tech brands from emerging consumer values? (e) What are the new rules for success of future power brands in tech markets? [Access event slides]

Is There a Connection Between Entrepreneurship and Mental Illness? – Claudia Kalb, medical and science journalist and book author, spoke with HBR about how mental health conditions can be particularly relevant in understanding entrepreneurs. Biographers have long been interested in exploring the psychological issues that drove and afflicted great thinkers and achievers such as Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. In her new book, Kalb looks at twelve famous figures and weighs the evidence suggesting that each suffered from a different kind of mental health condition.[Edited excerpts from an interview, via]

Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder: Inside the Minds of History’s Great Personalities [ON ORDER]

 Noteworthy Books

The Clayton M. Christensen Reader 


Inside the Nudge Unit: How Small Changes can Make a Big Difference




Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science


The Knowledge Corrupters:

Hidden Consequences of the Financial Takeover of Public Life


New Arrivals…

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