About Us

The Business Library caters specifically to the learning, research and teaching needs of accounting and business students, researchers and faculty; and broadly, to the business information needs of all other staff as well as students doing business related programmes or electives.

The primary users of the Library are staff and students from the Nanyang Business School (NBS). Other users would include students doing double-degree programmes jointly offered by NBS and the School of Computer Engineering, students taking courses offered by the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre as well as those doing business and economics related programmes or electives.

Meet your Business Librarians

Akbar Hakim
Head, Business Library
Banking & Finance, and Business Law

Tel : (65) 6790 5221

Catherine Tan
Business Librarian
Strategy, Management & Organization

Tel : (65) 6790 5213

lavanya-1 Lavanya Asokan
Business Librarian
IT & Operations Management

Tel: (65) 6513 8550

Alan Choy Chee Hau
Business Librarian
Marketing & International Business, and
Hospitality Management

Tel : (65) 6316 8751

Edward Lim Junhao
Business Librarian
Accounting, and Entrepreneurship

Tel : (65) 6592 3062

Supporting the Business Librarians
The Business Library is supported by a team of dedicated clerical and operational support staff. The Library is also supported by a pool of student assistants.