Board Room

The Boardroom allows students to simulate a boardroom meeting in a corporate environment. It can also be used as a recording room and for group media viewing. Please proceed to the Service Desk for booking requests.

Business Lounge

The Business Lounge is a relaxing lounge-like place for users of the standalone business databases like Bloomberg and Datastream.

Media Viewing

A mini cinema is available in the new learning commons for students to watch video-recordings (including 3D) in groups.

Discussion Pods

7 discussion pods to provide students wwith a conducive environment to carry out group discussions. The discussion pods comes with movable tables and chairs, an interactive white board, a connected PC, a short-throw projector, a magnetic whiteboard and glass writing surface to facilitate group discussions and presentations.

Common PCs

Common PC benches have been designed to cater for table-top power points so as to make provision for current as well as increasing laptop usage in future.

Language Learning

One of our highlights is the brand new acoustic rooms specially designed to cater for students’ language learning needs. Specialized equipment, software and a unique collection of English language learning related print books and AV materials would be provided.

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