The Immersive Business Library Experience

Management Thinkers Display

Immerse yourself with strategic management thinking from acclaimed management gurus

The Business Library houses a strong collection of management books with many written by prominent and highly regarded management thinkers. You can immerse yourself in the thoughts and ideas of these management gurus with the setting up of the Management Thinkers Display. Walking through the library, you will find caricatures of some of the top contemporary management thinkers on large size posters accompanied by quotable quotes and QR codes which provide streamed audio biographies as well as bibliographies of their books and articles available in the library.

By scanning the Audio QR codes with your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet, you will hear, learn and immerse yourself with ideas, thoughts and management concepts made famous by these gurus. Scanning the Bibliography QR codes will provide you with lists of seminal works published by them. You can then retrieve these works in the library or via subscribed databases, e-journals and e-books to read and understand further the management ideas and concepts.

Management Circle

Read up on real world management issues in business magazines on Library iPads

You can access and read in the Business Library a variety of highly regarded management focused magazines as well as financial and business newspapers from the Library iPads provided at the Management Circle which is located next to the Current Periodicals area. These are some of the publications you can access: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, Entrepreneur, Financial Times, Forbes, FORTUNE, Harvard Business Review, International Herald Tribune, McKinsey Quarterly, MIT Sloan Management Review, Stanford Business Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. A selection of top management books is also available there for you to browse and read. In addition, you can browse the nearby current periodical shelves for the latest print issues of business magazines.

The Immersive Business Library Experience aims to create an immersive learning environment for library users by surfacing print, digital, audio and video content from our library collection. Users can access, retrieve and use this wide range of library resources for learning and discovery while immersing themselves in the physical library environment.

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