Altmetrics & Social Media Alerts

In February 2017, PlumX announced that Elsevier was acquiring it, making the transition away from EBSCO. With the metrics backend now gaining access to Elsevier usage data, PlumX metrics will be finally integrated into Scopus as the primary source of article-level metrics, replacing the previous information from

As there can be a huge amount and variation of metrics involved, PlumX breaks them into five main categories:

Broadly speaking, these are what the categories represent:

  • Usage:            Who is reading your work?
  • Captures:       Who saved your work for future use?
  • Mentions:       Who is talking about your work?
  • Social media: Who is sharing your work?
  • Citations:        Who has cited your work?

These metrics will be then displayed on Scopus using the Plum Print widget, which is also integrated into NTU Libraries’  OneSearch. Each metric is represented visually by color and size, which indicates amount of metrics.

Did you know that you could also ask the library to generate an altmetrics report for you using PlumX Metrics? This might help to provide some insights into how people interact or engage with your works.

To read more about  PlumX & Scopus, click here.

If you’re interested to learn more about altmetrics and social media for your research, please do contact us at

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