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​NTU open access data repository DR-NTU (Data) is ready!

We are pleased to announce that the NTU open access data repository DR-NTU (Data) ( is now available for NTU researchers to deposit, publish and archive their final research data!

Data archiving on this platform will help NTU researchers meet their requirements as stipulated in the NTU Research Data Policy. Data sharing on this platform will boost the visibility and reuse of one’s research data, including related publications such as journal papers. Visit our blog posting and FAQ to learn more about what to deposit, file size, file formats, data sharing licensing, data citation and DOIs, etc.

If you have any questions about DR-NTU (Data), please feel free to contact us at

DR-NTU (Data)

Improved Way of Accessing e-Journals​


  • Based on user feedback, you can now search e-Journal titles in OneSearch
  • Articles discovery with “Search within Publication” feature
  • Search keyword with auto-complete

1.       Go to the Library webpage
2.       Click on e-Journals
3.       Enter the journal title name. Click Go1

1. Go to the e-Journals List
2. You can browse journals by discipline. Click on each discipline to see a result list of titles.

Result Page 
At the result page, click the Availability link to view the resource from which you can view the full text articles for the journal title

Note: The “Search within Publication” feature appears for most of the e-Journals which are indexed within OneSearch.

If you have enquiries, please email

NTU Libraries Research Data Management Guide

RDMguideThe NTU Libraries Research Data Management Guide is now up and running!

The guide can be accessed via the Library homepage within the box titled “Research and Scholarship” or you can simply click the following URL to view the guide:

The research data management guide aims to help NTU researchers learn more about the various aspects of research data management and sharing as well as to guide them in meeting the university and funders’ requirements. Topics include what is research data, how to share data, where to share data, why share data, benefits of sharing data and etc. A number of relevant YouTube videos have also been included in the guide so that anyone who is interested in the topic could have a brief overview quickly.

More topics will be made available in future updates of this guide, e.g. more local topics such as the upcoming NTU DMP, relevance to the NTU Research Data Policy, etc. Please stay tuned to the guide for more updates!

If you would like to find out more about NTU Libraries research data management services, please contact us via

Trial of WhatsApp a Librarian (11 Jan – 5 Feb)

We are experimenting with new ways to provide services to our users. In addition to phone, walk-in and email, you may now contact us via WhatsApp!


WhatsApp a Librarian

You may WhatsApp a Librarian if you need quick help on library services and resources.

Pilot period:      11 Jan – 5 Feb 2016

Pilot hours:       Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 9:00pm

Installation requirements
You need to install WhatsApp on your mobile phone and connect it to mobile or WIFI network.

Cost of service 
Sending messages via WhatsApp is free but you may incur personal mobile phone subscription charges.

If you have feedback or enquiries, please email