Campaign with a Purpose

So you have a product and you are embarking on a global marketing campaign to sell your product. While there are many avenues to do this, television, radio, Facebook and so on and so forth, one key thing to remember is your message.

The content of your marketing campaign is just as important as how you want to get your message out there. Many large organisations like food companies, banks, oil companies and even high-end fashion brands seem to be heading towards purpose based advertising. Basically purpose based marketing tries to tell the consumer that the brand is more than just about making money or simply selling a product, it is a brand that has a heart as well.

Brands can angle their campaign through ‘feel-good’ advertisements and socially conscious campaigns, all in the hope of convincing the consumers that their brand had a heart where their wallet should be.

It is not just about selling you a product anymore but now it is also about selling you an ideal. Hopefully an ideal you agree with so much, that you would never think of buying any other brand.

Get a clearer picture of what purpose based marketing is made up by looking up some of these resources.


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