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Do you remember the very first local film you watched or even heard of? The very first local film I ever watched was Army Daze. This was back in the early 90s.

How old do you think Singapore’s movie industry really is? It may not seem like it but our movie industry has been around for almost 85 years. Some of the first local films ever made were in Malay or Chinese, and names like P. Ramlee, Saloma, Saadiah Baharom and Siput Sarawak, were household names. These films capture the identity of early Singapore and today are a precious part of our heritage.

The Asian Film Archives is a non-governmental organisation founded to preserve the rich film heritage of Singapore and Asian Cinema, to encourage scholarly research on film, and to promote a wider critical appreciation of this art form. As an important nexus, it brings together the various segments of the Asian film community in order to open and enrich new intellectual, educational and creative spaces.

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