When a Prince is born and When a Star dies

What a month July has been? It started with the highly anticipated birth of the new heir to the throne of England and then it took a dip with the tragic and untimely death of one of the cast members of Glee.

On the news, you would have seen throngs of people waiting outside the hospital anxiously awaiting the new baby, or you saw Glee fans lighting candles and placing flowers outside the hotel where the actor’s body was found.

When you think about it, birth and death are everyday occurrences. Yet some people seem to have such strong emotions when it comes to celebrities.

People feel connected to these celebrities, sharing their pain and joy. We see them in glossy magazines and on our television screens. It is almost as though we have invited them to be a part of our lives. To many, they are as real as family and friends, even though we have never actually seen or spoken to them in person, and they don’t actually know we exist in this world.

When you watch the news and you hear of a terrorist attack killing citizens on the street, is the feeling just as strong?

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