Get Inspired – Here are 3 interesting Advertising, PR and Marketing Campaigns


So you are well into your semester and you probably have your assignments already. You may need some inspiration for your assignments. So here are 3 interesting campaigns that may inspire you.

Look at the way these campaigns use interesting ways to send out their messages. Would these tactics work in an Asian market? Think about the demographic and target market.


*Warning – After doing research on this campaign and looking at the ads I REALLY needed to get some Snickers

Making a spelling mistake on Google is pretty common, what if you turned all those misspellings into an advertising campaign? Snickers teamed up with Google to do exactly this, each time a misspelled word was detected the Snicker’s ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign would be the first in the search results. Read more about the campaign here and tale a look at the video below.  See how affective the campaign was.

2) If only waiting for the bus was this fun

So you are standing at the bus stop and you realise your bus will only arrive in 30 minutes — a long wait. If only there was something interesting to do or maybe a huge bus advertisement that asked you to visit a website for something fun.

Well, Qualcomm (a telecommunication compaign) did just that and take a look at how fun it became to wait for a bus.

3) If Willy Wonka wanted you to visit him, he would………..

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical opened in London in June 2013. But before the musical opened, as a way to promote the musical, the PR company for the musical sent journalists a thumb drive with the press release, shaped as a bar of chocolate.

The journalists liked the press release so much they started taking photos of the thumb drive and texting, tweeting and placing the photos on their Facebook page. So suffice to say their campaign worked.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Read a little more about the campaign here.

I hope these campaigns was a small source of inspiration. Good luck with the rest of the semester and remember, if you need help with your research, just ask your librarian.

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