Once upon a TIME, we had a story…….

Red border book

Once upon a Time there was the magazine, Time Magazine that is. Now the magazine has come up with a new way to tell their stories and it is known as the Red Border Films.

Red Border Films are short films based on the stories from their magazine; the films are an extension of these stories. You can even follow Red Border Films on Twitter and Facebook.

To find out more about Red Border Films go to http://newsfeed.time.com/time-launches-red-border-films/. You can also go to Time.com and look for the Red Border Films section on their website. There is an inspiring story of a badly injured US solider who refuses to let his injuries get him down.

Like so many other forms of media looking for new ways to bring to life their stories and attract your ‘eyeballs’, making it more than just written words but a dialogue between the reader and the topic of the story. It becomes a collaborative effort of journalism and film-making, calling on both the talented writer and image maker for one great story.

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