If only for a moment

We only understand the fragility of something when it is disrupted or taken away from us. Then we long for a time when we still had the thing back then, before it was taken away. This is human nature unfortunately, in big and small ways we all experience this.

This is exactly what the Mimi Foundation is portraying in their new campaign.

The Mimi Foundation is a European organisation which looks after the well-being of cancer stricken patients. In order to raise money, they published a book of photographs of these patients but in a unique way.

A selected number of patients were invited to a studio for a makeover but instead of just the conventional makeover, they were each given interesting looks. The best part was none of them could see how they were being made over until the transformation was completed then they could look at themselves in the mirror. When they say what had been done to them, their astonished expressions were photographed to capture that one magical moment.

The campaign was just as fun for the participants as it was for the viewers to watch and all for a good cause. Campaigns about illnesses or diseases do not always have to be depressing or overly sentimental, they can make you smile while making you understand what it is like to feel the way these patients do, if only for a moment.

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