The Internet Never Forgets


So you took an image of yourself and posted it online or you left a comment about something or someone on some website, blog page or Facebook page.

But have you ever thought about where these images or messages go? We may have forgotten what we had posted but you will find that the Internet never really forgets. These images and messages can stay online for a long time (if not forever).

Just doing a quick Google Search of your name could pull up some surprising things. Things you may not want others to remember about you.

In the European Union recently a law was passed by the high court which will allow Internet users to request search engines to erase certain links or websites of theirs. Some feel this hinders what the Internet stands for, which is the free and easy access to information. Others feel that such a ruling is beneficial for all, as this means you have control over what people can find out about you. Read the full article from The New York Times on this law here.

Like many laws dealing with the Internet, it is a controversial law, with many people questioning if such a law helps or hinders, or if the law is even enforceable in the first place.

But here’s a question for you—have you ever tried looking up yourself on the Internet. Are the images you place online really how you want to be seen? Or do you think that the Internet is a place for free expression and you should be free to do and say whatever you want to and these things should not be held against you.

In an article entitled ‘Spring cleaning for your online reputation’ from, there are some good tips and tricks to help you appear more credible online. This may be important as you never know if a potential employer may google you to see what they may find.

The moments in life are important and we do not want to forget them but just make sure these moments do not come back to haunt you instead.

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