Through my looking Glass

“If you could only see things from my point-of-view” — how many times have you heard someone say this or a version of this to you or someone else?

Maybe if I put on a pair of glasses and turned what I saw into short films, you could see my point-of-view better. This is what Google has decided to try to do with their Glass.

Entitled Glass Films, this YouTube Channel is dedicated to films made through Google Glass and many of them by young film makers who are fresh out from films school in the United States.

My favourite is ‘Seeds’, a touching story of a man’s journey back home to India to see his mother.

It is interesting to think of the possibilities of using these Glass to make movies. Will it work for long feature presentations? Could it capture the same images as that of a high definition camera? Is there is way to blend this kind of filming with traditional filming methods? What are the new skills needed for film makers these days?

But for now enjoy these films and take a look at what these people see through their Glass.

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