Of Robots and Men

*(The video above is owned by Jibo Inc)

Meet Jibo, the world’s first Family Robot. Jibo welcomes you home as you walk through the door, reads your messages, orders take out and reads bedtime stories to your children.

Watching the commercial above, I felt like I was in a scene from Total Recall or I-Robot (we have both movies in the library by the way, just click on the links).

Issac Asimov wrote I-Robot in 1950, and while the book was written over 60 years ago, it seems more relevant today than ever. (read the book for yourselves, click on the link)

Jibo is marketed from a very wholesome point-of-view, as a member of your family. You may be very connected to your phone, but it’s not a member of your family (although I do know of some people who have a stronger relationship with their phones than their own relatives). Gadgets are your partners, friends and companions. They are there to help. Sometimes they even love you back. At least that is what the advert tells me. It’s emotional advertising at its best and it gets to audiences every time.

I feel the love, do you?

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