A Brand New Dog

Brand New Dog

DreamWorks has acquired a dog (read this full story in Adweek and Mail Online), but not just any dog. This dog is one of the first silver screen animal heroes.

Forget about other dogs that just fetch you the papers or slippers, if you ever fall down a well (or in colloquial term ‘longkang’), this dog will get the help you need in a flash and will look good doing it too.

I am of course talking about Lassie, if you don’t know who Lassie is, here is the Wikipedia entry, but basically she is a collie dog that can do almost anything and she has been around since the 1940s.

They say Hollywood is running out of ideas, just re-hashing old stories and re-making them. DreamWorks acquiring the rights to a ’70 year old dog’ does seem to perpetuate this idea.

But DreamWorks has big plans for Lassie, from all new marketing campaigns to new product launches and even guest spots on top TV shows; basically they are re-branding the iconic dog.

Re-branding is an interesting concept and many organizations turn to re-branding to save their product and service. But re-branding is also a complicated process; it takes research and creativity to re-brand something. In this case can re-hashing a nostalgic icon be lucrative for the production house?

Well as the saying goes, ‘it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks’.

Need more books and article on re-branding, head to the NTU Libraries page to look up some resources on this topic.

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