Game Changers for Researchers: Altmetrics, Big Data, Open Access, and Text Mining – What Might They Change

Academic Publishing Special

Attend the talk by Kiki Forsythe of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

3 October 2014
10.30am – 12:00pm
NTU LT 25 (SS1-B2-01)

About this talk

Scientific researchers face an exciting, and possibly surprising array of new methods to manipulate and manage the impacts of their research. These tools include

  • Altmetrics – usage analysis of their research including citations, social media and full-text downloads;
  • Big Data – whereby the researcher utilizes big data sets to handle complex information;
  • Open Access – OA journals offer the opportunity for wider dissemination of researchers’ scientific findings; and
  • Text Mining – where tailored text “definitions” of research terms may derive more high quality information to enhance the use of the research by others.

With these tools, research will be translated more quickly into tangible results.

About the speaker

Kiki Forsythe, M.L.S., is the Senior Publisher Relations Specialist for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She has worked for the Office of Publishing and Member Services in AAAS for 10 years. She holds cumulative publishing experience of 40 years. She has worked with International Thompson, University of Hawaii Press, Academic Press/Elsevier, Smithson Books, and AAAS. Her specialization with AAAS is working with the newest peer-reviewed AAAS journals, Science Signaling and Science Translational Medicine, launching the journals and collaborating with librarians and AAAS representatives worldwide.



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