A fast and easy way to find information

Are you cracking your brains on what topic to choose for your assignment? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the search results from Google or the Library catalogue?

Let me remind you of a type of resource that is often forgotten these days.

I’m talking about encyclopedias and bibliographies.

Many of us are familiar with major reference works such as the Encyclopedia Britannica, or even Wikipedia. Did you know that there are subject encyclopedias and bibliographies?

Here are a few examples:
(in these OneSearch records, click on the link beside ‘Online Access’)

Entries in encyclopedias and bibliographies are written by experts. They often provide a concise summary of a particular topic or term and they provide references for further reading.

More and more of such reference works are being published online these days, providing us with a fast and easy way to finding relevant information on a particular topic.

Check them out now!

About Law Loo Shien

I am with the Resources, Discovery and Access team at NTU Library. There was once I scored a D for an undergraduate module on Political Philosophy, but it was the best course I'd ever taken. It planted the seeds of intellectual growth, and gave me a framework to understand human nature.
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