You are too old to watch TV


What does it take for a television series to be successful? Perhaps it has something to do with a good script or really good actors. Maybe it’s an interesting story and maybe it is just because the right demographic of viewers are watching the show.

Recently an American television network cancelled their shows based purely on the fact that these shows were not attracting the ‘younger audience’. These shows were extremely popular amongst the older demographic but this didn’t seem to matter because the younger audience in where the money is.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, this is mainly due to ‘the obsession of advertisers with younger viewers’. The article goes on to say,

“Advertisers acknowledge they place a premium on younger viewers but some think it is short-sighted to ignore aging baby boomers and cling to those old clichés that people over the age 50 are less likely to change brands.”

It’s true, to an extent, we don’t really think about the elderly when we advertise, we often hear the words, ‘young, hip and fashionable’ when it comes to selling a product. Of course there are many arguments to this, and let’s all be honest, like all major industries in existence, it is mainly about making money.

But how does this change the way scriptwriters and television producers create content for television and what about creative freedom and integrity? What are you willing to compromise to make sure your pilot sells? Does the advertising dollar drive content and is this the future of television programming?

Who would have thought that one day you will be too old to watch television?

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