Help Wanted……..but not in Hollywood

The end of the movie

Look like all the stars in Hollywood will not be able to help with the recent cuts which have been happening in this city.

By the end of 2014 Warner Bros will lay off around 1000 people, including layoffs from their cable network, Turner Broadcasting System which includes CNN.

This has made market watchers worried about the future of the movie industry. In an online report from Marketwatch, the movie industry has seen a rapid decline in jobs as well, from cinematographers to sound editors.

It could be because the industry is facing hard knocks from the online streaming market; it could be the shows on television all seem to be the same; or it could be that in the last few years, many of the films were remakes or re-telling of older films, lacking true originality of content. But I am not one to judge.

The movie industry on the whole has always been a resilient industry. Just like an actor’s face after plastic surgery, the industry has always found a way to rejuvenate and lift itself up from its decline.

What remains to be seen is what is going to happen to the industry after the dust has settled? If all else fails, I am sure they will always need someone to sweep the glitter off the floor and shampoo the red carpet.

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