News You Can Use – October 2014 – Issue 2

Selected news articles from ‘Singapore’ sources in (Issue 2 covers 08-15 October 2014). To read the full-text, search under (access for NTU staff/students). Not sure how to search? Click here.

Film dedicated to Damien Sin
Straits Times, 15 October 2014, 737 words, John Lui Film Correspondent, (English)
Eric Khoo says the late horror writer wrote Mee Pok Man, which launched the director’s career
Eric Khoo wants to set the record straight about his new movie, In The Room, due to be released in a few months.

Online gaming firms start shutting S’pore accounts ; Operators move to cut links with Singapore-registered customers after Parliament passes Remote Gambling Act
TODAY (Singapore), 15 October 2014, 742 words, NEO CHAI CHIN Neo Chai Chin, (English)
SINGAPORE — Barely a week after the proposed law to ban remote gambling was passed, several online gaming operators have moved to sever links with their Singapore-registered customers.

Learn what you desire, not what is required
TODAY (Singapore), 15 October 2014, 835 words, K Ranga Krishnan, (English)
Learning can be of three kinds: Learning that we desire, learning that we need and learning that is required (compulsory learning). The third kind is often what children feel they learn at school and the first is what they want to learn …

Errors in Nielsen’s TV ratings
Straits Times, 13 October 2014, 492 words, (English)
New York – Nielsen, the television research firm, acknowledged last Friday that it had been reporting inaccurate ratings for American broadcast networks for the past seven months, a mistake that raises questions about the company’s …

CINEMA; China auteur tests the limits
Business Times Singapore, 10 October 2014, 745 words, Dylan Tan , China auteur tests the limits, (English)
Mainland filmmaker Lou Ye courts controversy with his noir takes on life.
HE’S the director who gives Chinese film watchdogs nightmares with his realistically edgy and gritty movies but mainland auteur Lou Ye doesn’t fancy being called …

Pursuing the China Dream
Straits Times, 10 October 2014, 1640 words, Kor Kian Beng China Bureau Chief In Beijing, (English)
China’s leader Xi Jinping is moving fast to secure his legacy through an ideology that will bear his name. But there are risks involved in pushing too hard, too early.

French writer Modiano wins literature Nobel ; Parisian beats competitive field to become 107th recipient of prestigious literary award
TODAY (Singapore), 10 October 2014, 564 words, (English)
STOCKHOLM — Mr Patrick Modiano, the French writer whose novels centre on topics such as memory, identity and guilt, won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature yesterday. In an announcement in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy cited Mr Modiano’s …

Changes needed to keep Public Entertainments and Meetings Act relevant: Yaacob
Channel NewsAsia, 17:32, 8 October 2014, 872 words, (English)
SINGAPORE: The last time the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act (PEMA) was amended was 14 years ago. In the face of evolving social expectations and technological trends, proposed amendments to the Act will help it stay relevant, said …

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