Scripts that can touch our hearts

Recently, this video clip from a local Mandarin television drama series went viral.

(English translation available on Youtube’s website)

Perhaps it was taken out of context, but what the young man said had surely touched the hearts of many people in Singapore.

Good dialogue, or good scripts, have the power to touch our hearts and move us into action – a like, or a share on social media, or something even more profound.

Many media industry observers have often complained about the lack of scriptwriting talent in Singapore. Once in a while, we also hear laments from general viewers about the quality of local productions.

Are you keen to learn more about scriptwriting?

There is a Masterclass on Screenwriting offered by the Singapore Media Academy (SMA) happening during the upcoming vacation period. SMA has many other programmes that are aimed at developing the media industry in Singapore. Do check them out.

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I am with the Resources, Discovery and Access team at NTU Library. There was once I scored a D for an undergraduate module on Political Philosophy, but it was the best course I'd ever taken. It planted the seeds of intellectual growth, and gave me a framework to understand human nature.
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