A Holiday Gift


It’s the end of the year and with Christmas all-around, everyone is in the mood for gift giving or gift receiving (I personally prefer the receiving part).

So here is my gift to you. While it is not a physical gift, it is a gift that I hope will educate, entertain and inspire and is one of those gifts you can make use of when you are back to school. But don’t worry it does have an element of fun as well.

These blogs offer a great holiday ‘browse’ when you are home and just bored of surfing the same old sites, and hopefully, they appeal to the many sides of you.

So Merry Clickmas and Happy New Year!

– For the Designer in you

THE EXALTATION – a blog which looks at design, from merchandise to buildings, focusing on interesting buildings and merchandise.

– For the Writer in you

THE PARIS REVIEW – a blog which hopes to emphasize creative works, fiction and poetry.

– For the Innovator in you

THE FAST COMPANY – a blog about innovative ideas from across the globe which is helping mankind.

For the Good Person in you 

STANFORD SOCIAL INNOVATION REVIEW – written for and by social change leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government.

– For the Academic in you (well sort of)

MENTAL FLOSS – a blog site that will titillate you with interesting facts that will make you instantly smarter or at least more interesting at parties.

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