The Write and the Wrong

Is there a guaranteed formula for a blockbuster film? A definite strategy that will ensure the movie produced will in fact bring in the cash?

In an industry where, let’s face it, making money is one of the most important things, it is not surprising that many scriptwriters feel pressured to change their scripts to suit the film studios’ ‘idea’ of a blockbuster. This often results in screenwriter seeing their work butchered and the storyline changed and sometimes even without prior knowledge.

Here is a recent article from The Guardian which looks at the “heavy-handed script editing’ by film bosses. Many scriptwriters see this as an insult to their work and profession, accusing film bosses of bleeding the industry of actual talent.

Suffice to say, independent films don’t suffer as much from this ‘heavy-handedness’ as compared to the films which are produced by larger studios.

But when push comes to shove, what will you do if you were a scriptwriter? Would you sacrifice getting your script made into a film because you do not want to change anything or would you give in? Where will you draw the line?

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