War – The Reality

Image taken from Microsoft Clip Art

Image taken from Microsoft Clip Art

We are lucky in Singapore; our existence is a peaceful one. Yet in many other parts of the world, there are millions of people who live in war-torn climates. There are many people whose lives echo with the sounds of gun fire, explosion and cries for lost loved ones.

All of us have seen war movies, watch the news footage of war and seen still images of war torn regions. Many of these images are difficult to view as it reminds us that our world is not as peaceful as we sometimes think it is. War is not just a story in the news or a movie on screen, it is really and happening as we speak.

Film makers and journalists know the responsibility they have to bring audiences coverage of these wars. The story is very important in such cases, but many a times, you will find, being completely impartial is very difficult. Still it is important to tell these stories.

No matter how we look at it, war is about human beings and the challenges we face to understand one another. This is why we must never forget the importance of stability and understanding and the gift of peace.

Here are some powerful movies about War from our NTU Libraries Collection.

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