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Did you know that it was 120 years ago, on December 28, 1895, when the very first public film screening was held in Paris, at the Saloon Indien du Grand Café. The pair responsible for this screening was, of course, the Lumiere Brothers.

I bet you then, they could never have imagined the massive impact this small event would have on the history of the world. It literally crafted out a multi-billion dollar industry, and changed the way we look at entertainment. Recently in Paris, this 120th anniversary was marked by a special exhibition in their honour.

Filmmaking is a blend of art and science, and while today we see a lot of this kind of collaboration, when the Lumiere brothers started, this kind of collaboration was something rarely explored. They were also very quick to patent their invention, which was a good move on their part.

There has been a lot of criticism about the quality of the films today, with many complaining about the quality of the scriptwriting, over-budget productions, mindless violence, and not to forget, the constant remakes and reboot of old movies.

But truthfully where would we be if the brothers never had that screening. Let’s just say it would be a whole lot less entertaining. So cheers to the Lumiere Brothers!

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