Latest Prints – Communication Policy & Research


2 Communication between cultures
Samovar, Larry A.
Cengage Learning, 2016
Call No: P94.6.S191 2017
2 Media at work in China and India : discovering and dissecting
Jeffrey, Robin.
SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd, 2015
Call No: P92.C5M489ma
3 Communicating in the 21st century
Eunson, Baden.
John Wiley and Sons Australia, Ltd, 2016
Call No:HM1206.E88 2016
4 Media communication : an introduction to theory and process
Watson, James.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
Call No: P90.W339 2016
5 Introducing social research methods : essentials for getting the edge
Ruane, Janet M.
John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2016
Call No: H61.R894
6 Vampires and zombies : transcultural migrations and transnational interpretations
Fischer-Hornung, Dorothea.
University Press of Mississippi, 2016
Call No: P96.V35V216
7 European media policy for the twenty-first century : assessing the past, setting agendas for the future
Bulck, Hilde Van den.
Routledge, 2016
Call No: P95.82.E85E89em
8 Literature in contemporary media culture : technology, subjectivity, aesthetics
Malvik, Anders Skare.
John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2016
Call No: P96.L5L776
9 Digital literacy : a primer on media, identity, and the evolution of technology
Wiesinger, Susan.
Peter Lang, 2016
Call No: HM851.W651
9 Introducing communication research : paths of inquiry
Treadwell, Donald.
Sage, 2017
Call No: P91.3.T784 2017


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